What does SmartNinja offer?

A Smart Ninja is a matching service for ninjas (mentors) and students (mentees). A ninja is a master in his/her area of expertise who accompanies his/her mentee’s first steps on his way to success. Students benefit from their mentor’s experience, applying it to avoid mistakes, grow professionally and follow their mentors’ paths.

Here everyone can find what they are looking for: Share your insights and experience as a ninja or find a guide to help you follow your dreams. Register now as a ninja or as a student and unleash your full potential.

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Smart Ninja matches experienced ninjas with students who are looking for tools and inspiration to reach their goals. Ninja or student – which will be your path?

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The Path of a Ninja

Since the beginning of time, experienced ninjas have been passing on their knowledge to the next generation. These mentor-student collaborations are grounded on the four cornerstones that mark every ninja’s path to wisdom and success:

Aim for your goal

The most important step on every ninja’s path is, first of all, to know exactly what you want, to clearly visualize this goal and to deeply understand it’s meaning.

Identify and seize opportunity

A good ninja always recognizes the perfect moment to strike. Sharpen your instinct and learn how to identify and seize the perfect opportunity when it is in front of you.

Find your strategy

A ninja never makes a rash move. Identify the necessary steps to achieve your goal and follow a foolproof plan to make your dream come true.

Own your mistakes – and learn from them

The best way to improve yourself is to make mistakes – you will understand how to own them, learn from them and, most importantly, put these lessons into practice.

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Mentoring is not a one-way road – both the experienced ninja and the beginner student benefit immensely from these relationships. As a mentee, you have the unique opportunity to follow the path of a professional in order to reach your own goals. Being a ninja means promoting mutual growth in re-thinking and sharing your experiences and being inspired by your mentee’s success.

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