Smart Ninja

– platform for experienced ninjas (mentors) and ninja-rookies (mentees).

Since the beginning of time, experienced ninjas have been passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

Mentors are real leaders who are able to lead others, helping them to determine the best path of development. They are also in the process of continuous progress. Communicating with mentees also helps them strengthen their skills and transform experiences into life lessons. Rookie-ninjas are mentees who use the knowledge and experience of their mentors to avoid mistakes and grow professionally.

Mentees may need mentors for many reasons: some lack knowledge of their professional field, some need extra inspiration and motivation not to give up, others may want to hear constructive criticism …

But all mentees have one thing in common – the desire to become better and succeed.


- is a great opportunity to accelerate your development!


Are you interested in law and want to know more about the field? Are you a law student or a lawyer at the beginning of your career?

Or maybe you are already an experienced lawyer and ready to share your knowledge and experience with others…

Mentorship is what you need!

Social entrepreneurship

Do you want to solve a social, cultural, or environmental problem and have no idea where to start? Or maybe you know that you can work to achieve social change in Ukraine, but do not yet know how?

Or you have been working in the field of social entrepreneurship for a long time, or you even have your own business and want more people in Ukraine to be able to successfully develop this field…

Mentorship is what you need!


Do you dream of a bright future for Ukrainian politics, or do you even see yourself in the Verkhovna Rada? Do you keep reading political news every day and thinking you could do better?

Or maybe you are already experienced in politics and are willing to tell others about the pitfalls in this field…

Mentorship is what you need!

Women empowerment

Are you tired of witnessing gender inequality in society, or even experiencing it yourself? Or maybe you want to help women who are victims of violence, but don’t know where to start?

Or you already know this field and can tell beginners where to start and what mistakes to avoid…

Mentorship is what you need!

Find yourself

Do you want to develop, but can’t figure out in which direction? Or are you involved in a number of cool projects, but to move on you need to set the priorities?

Or maybe you have already gone through an interesting way of finding yourself and want to inspire others with your story? Do you know how to help others understand themselves?

Mentorship is what you need!